Wednesday, December 18, 2013

27 weeks

We had our 6 month doctor's visit yesterday, and here are HG's stats:
Weight: 14 lbs. 10 oz.
Length: 25 inches
Head: 17 1/4 inches

Poor thing got round three of her vaccines, and the flu shot as well.  She only cried for a second, and then was fine.  She is such a trooper! 
 She has discovered the tree more this week.  She loves playing on her blanket by the tree.  She forgets about the tree being there, and then will all of a sudden roll to be able to see it and start laughing and smiling at the lights.
 We started solids this week.  She is still in a learning stage for sure, and I don't think she is actually eating much of anything.  We are starting with avocado, so all the bibs now are a lovely shade of green.  Hopefully she will get the hang of eating off a spoon soon.
 We have been doing a lot of baking around here, and HG enjoys watching the stand mixer and hearing all the noises.  She has just started to push herself around a little in the walker.  
 HG has started to love her feet and grabs them all the time!  She can even put her feet in her mouth.  She also is rolling a ton.  It is her way of moving at the moment.  The best part is she only rolls one direction, so when she reaches a couch or wall she just lies there defeated.

We are so looking forward to celebrating Christmas with HG even though she won't really understand anything this year.  

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