Thursday, December 12, 2013

6 months

Our sweet girl is halfway done her first year.  She must have been sick last week, because she is back to her normal happy self.  We have been thoroughly enjoying HG at this stage.  Everyday she seems to do something new.

She still does not enjoy being on her tummy, yet has started to roll over multiple times to get her toys.  She grabs for anything and everything, and it immediately goes into her mouth.  She now even puts her feet and socks into her mouth.  Very lady-like :) She still tumbles over after a few short seconds of sitting up on her own, but the bobby pillow is helping her learn to sit up.  HG is in no rush to be mobile, and is content to lying down looking at the tree and listen to Christmas tunes.  

HG has become more affectionate towards us recently.  She is starting to love on her Daddy more, and snuggles into his shoulder when he holds her.  After nursing, HG likes to reach up to my mouth and expects a kiss on her hand.  She gives me a huge smile after I kiss her hand.  She is a little social butterfly, and loves when my small group girls come over.  I happened to be at church today when the students were going into chapel, and HG gave everyone big smiles as they came to talk to her.

This month brought lots of changes in her schedule, everyday and week is a little different.  This week, she has taken two good long naps, and dropped the third.  Sometimes, she will take 3 shorter naps, and is on more of a 3 hour schedule.  I think she will settle into a more consistent 4 hour routine once we introduce solid foods for good which will be any day now.  She is still consistently going to bed at 7, and will start waking around 6.  She will talk and coo and stir until I go in at 7.  This is the sweet smile I'm greeted with every single morning.
 Dear Hatley- Grace,

You are growing into such a sweet spirited little girl.  You are noticing the world around you, and learning from every new experience.  You love to look at the white lights on our Christmas tree and you have noticed the squirrels playing in the tree outside of your window.  You can hear the school bus and the trash truck and want to watch them drive by.  You still love fans, and twist and turn your body in any direction to see them.  You do not like the computer, and cry when it comes on and I scroll through the page.  Maybe it's too bright and fast moving, I guess this is the result of no cable TV.

It doesn't take much to make you grin from ear to ear.  A cashier at Publix or a teenager at church can make you giggle with delight by just saying hello.  You have never met a stranger!  
I am looking forward to sharing our first Christmas together soon.  I bet you will like the wrapping paper the best.  We will have lots of family in town again, and I know you will love visiting with them most of all!

I'm excited to watch you try new foods this month, and start changing from an infant into a strong, mobile baby.  Sometimes I get nervous about each new thing you are doing and trying, and I want you to know I am trying my best to learn about how to be a good Mama to you.  I am learning right along side of you, which is the fun part of being the first born baby.

Hatley-Grace, you are so very loved!  The Lord has blessed us richly with you.


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