Wednesday, December 4, 2013


First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a very cold Thanksgiving day here in Florida.  So cold, in fact, that we had our very first fire in our fireplace.  I love having a fireplace in our new house, and I am hoping it will meet all of our heating needs for the winter.  I have a sweet spot in my heart for this "give thanks" sign.  It was the first craft project I did once we moved into our new home.  With boxes unpacked, empty rooms, peeling linoleum flooring, and dusty dirty bathrooms, I needed to make this sign for our mantle.  It is so unsettling to move for me, and hanging this up on the fireplace made our new place, filled with projects and unfinished spaces, feel a little more like our home.  I am excited put this up year after year and remember this time of transition.  Not only a time of transition into our first home, but to living in a new county/state, into motherhood and parenthood together, into a new job as a full time stay at home mom, and a family in full time ministry.  Whew, we have had a lot of change.

Yes, our baby does have a knit hat on inside.  It was cold!
We spent the day with at the Jones family's home and some of their family and church staff.  Hattie-Grace loved her time with Miss Sara!

Here is a list of what we brought to dinner (click on everything except the rolls to see the recipe if you are interested):
- Marty's Grandmothers tea biscuit rolls
bacon braised green beans
- roasted carrots (these were a hit!)
- peanut butter pie
- spiced apple cake with brown sugar buttercream icing

The spiced apple cake and carrots are the new recipes I tried.  The carrots were a hit, so much so that we made them again for our life group last night.  The cake turned out well yet I don't think it will make it on the "make every Thanksgiving" list, like all the rest have.

I hope y'all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family and/or friends.  We are so very blessed and thankful this year.  We have yet to make the official list of things the Lord has blessed us with this year, yet I know it is a long one!

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