Tuesday, January 7, 2014

29 weeks and Christmas Day

Christmas looked very different for us this year.  Not only did we have a little one to celebrate with, yet we did not travel over the holidays.  Earlier this Fall, Marty was asked to preach the Sunday following Christmas.  We knew then that we would be spending the holidays in Florida so he could prepare and deliver his first sermon here at Seven Rivers without the stress of driving all over the east coast to see the family.

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas as a family of three.  Our celebrations began with the Christmas Eve service at church.  We felt like such parents, going to the 3:00 service since it fit best with HG's schedule.  It was strange singing silent night with the candle lighting while it was still light out at 80 degrees :)  Marty and I enjoyed a special dinner that evening of fresh shrimp cocktails right off the boat, homemade bread with olive oil and balsamic to dip, and veggies/fruits.  We watched a Christmas movie and relaxed.
Christmas morning was just like any other morning with HG.  She is such a smily sweet girl when she wakes up.  I think she is a morning person like her Mama :)

Marty and I enjoyed a special sweet treat of scones.  I made my Aunt Lisa's cranberry scone recipe, and I added Jenny Hobick's orange glaze using an orange from our own orange tree.
I think HG may have been jealous of our scones while she ate her avocados.  Maybe another year you can partake in the sweets around the holidays, but not yet baby girl :)

We enjoyed our scones while opening presents together.  HG loved playing in the wrapping paper and tissue paper.

Hatley-Grace loved the Vera Bradley blanket my small group girls gave her.  I think this will become one of her favorites.  It is the perfect size for cuddling and snuggling.  They also gave her matching bibs :)  We are so blessed by our sweet girlfriends already!

And another shot from our day, because who doesn't love a baby in PJs and a big hair bow :)

Marty and I made omelets for lunch and spent the day watching movies and relaxing together.  Overall, I loved the slow pace of our first Christmas as a family of three.  We enjoyed our new home, fireplace and the calm before lots of family came to celebrate with us that weekend.

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