Wednesday, January 22, 2014

32 Weeks

This weekend we went to our first high school retreat together, well I was pregnant one the last high school retreat, so I'm not sure if that counts :)  We planned on staying Saturday and Sunday, but HG refused to sleep outside of the comfort of her own plans changed.  We are going to be spending some time in the pack n play at home for a little while to ensure that we can travel again soon! 

 It was a cold weekend, so we had to bundle HG up in all her hand knitted gear from the family :)
 HG likes to scoot on her back, and has discovered the new TV in the living room.  It is very entertaining to try and have her play out of sight of the TV and to watch her wiggle her way to catch a glimpse.
 No matter how tired she is at night, bath time is always a favorite...or maybe mirror time is her very favorite.
 I love that some hair bows are able to stay in her hair now.  The headbands never worked well on her head, so now I feel like I can put sweet little bows on her all the time.  I wonder when she will discover them.
 I'm obsessed with citrus right now.  I hope that isn't a sign that I need vitamin C because of a looming cold.  Florida offers some of the best tasting stuff this time of the year.  Our little tree has been so enjoyable this season.  I think we are about to get a big harvest!
 Right now HG plays so well independently.  Marty swears we could leave her on the floor playing for hours without us.  She loves to hear rattling toys, and anything she can get in her mouth to chew on is wonderful.  Going to the nursery to watch a friends little girl is a fun treat every once and a while.  HG gets to experience new toys and lots of bright colors while she is there.  The room is bright purple with big flowers and  caterpillars on the walls.

 She never naps while we are there, but doesn't complain too much.  She does pass out on the way home, and takes a super long nap to recover.

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