Wednesday, January 29, 2014

33 weeks

This morning Marty and I both commented to each other how much Hatley-Grace is talking.  She babbles constantly, when she is tired, when she is waking up, when she is eating...always.  This week, the "b" sound has been a favorite, along with her usual "m" sounds,"d" sounds and random sounds.

Hatley-Grace rolls all around to get to her toys, people, the coffee table...  No signs of crawling yet, but she is much more comfortable on her belly.

This week, Hatley-Grace tried butternut squash along with her usual solids.  She is loving carrots, and avocado the most right now and is starting to eat more, about 1/2 an oz.  I ordered a straw cup for her, and so far she has not been interested in drinking water.  She loves playing with her cups, bowls and spoons while I am cooking.  

Hatley-Grace had her first ride in the grocery cart this week.  I love having her up front and not confined to the carrier or car seat.  She loves smiling at all the old people that gush over her.  We seriously cannot go to the store without talking to everyone about her!  I'm glad she loves it right now.  I'm not sure if and when that stage is over :)

She is still a little bouncing queen in her jumperoo. I love that she sticks her tongue out right now when she is concentrating.  

Hatley-Grace loves sitting up and playing, yet she is not quite sure how to get down from sitting up.  When she tires of sitting, she squints her face, as if she is bracing herself for something painful, and falls backwards to lie down.  It is so funny to watch this process.  

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