Wednesday, January 15, 2014

7 months

Hatley-Grace is growing and changing so quickly right now!

Weight (not official, bathroom scale weight): 16 lbs.
Clothing:  Depends on the brand, some 3 month tops, 6-12 month pajamas, and 9 month rompers
Diapers:  The medium length setting on the Flips, 4 snaps in for daytime, 3 snaps in for overnight inserts
Hair/Eyes:  Hair is light brown with some reddish streaks.  Eyes are still blue, yet some days some brownish green coloring shows up.

HG nurses around 7, 11, 2/3, 5, 7.  Somedays she is truly on a 4 hour schedule: 7,11,3,7 but always needs a little something at 5.  Other days she is more on a 3 hour schedule, 7, 10, 1, 4, 7.  I don't know when we will settle into the 4 consistently, but it is around the corner.

HG eats solids 2-3 times a day, depending on our events of the day.  She eats after she nurses at 7, 11, and the afternoon feeding 2/3/4.  She has tried avocados, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and egg yolk.  She threw up the same day we tried egg yolk, so I'm going to wait a while to try that again, but everything else she has done wonderfully with.  Her favorites are bananas, carrots and sweet potatoes.  So far there isn't anything she refuses to eat, although she does just tolerate green beans :)  She is only eating about 1/2 oz. at most feedings, but is getting better at eating more and more.

HG is taking two naps consistently and sometimes a third depending on the day.  Her first nap is the best nap of the day, usually from 9-11.  Her second is around 1-3.  Sometimes she will cat nap around 4-5, but not if she has had two good naps.  At night, she sleeps from around 7-7.  This month she has not been as easy to put down to bed.  She wants to be rocked or nursed to sleep, and will often wake once or twice after "bedtime".  We are still working on this, and hoping increasing the solids will help.

Motor skills:
HG is sitting up securely now and plays with her toys.  She scoots herself around on her back pushing with her legs.  She rolls all around to get toys or travel across the living room.  On her tummy, she easily lifts her midsection and pushes her body.  She has not pushed up on her knees yet, so crawling may be a little ways off.  She can grab and pick up things with ease now, and engages with her toys much more.

Fun Stuff:
-  HG has started sleeping with her head jammed in the corner of the crib.

-  She loves to hear things rattle.

-  The jumperoo is still one of her favorite toys, along with the stackable rings and rattle blocks.

-  She loves when Marty comes home from work; she gives him a big smile whenever he enters the room.

-  She loves when the high school girls hold her and play with her.

-  She laughs and giggles when we kiss her neck, and tickle her belly.

-  HG will grab onto other's faces, necks, cheeks, and hair so hard right now!  When I get her in the morning, she greets meet with a double hand squeeze on my face and proceed to chew my shoulder or neck like she hasn't eaten in weeks.

-  She is just starting to prefer me holding her to others when its late or she is in a loud environment.

-  She babbles a lot now, and enjoys trying out new high pitched screeching sounds and grunting.

Dear Hatley-Grace,

I just talked to a friend with a newborn, and she described how she is feels like she is just surviving rather than living, at the moment.  I remember feeling like that with you all the time.  I'm not sure what month that feeling left, yet I love this stage of "living" with you.  Going out, having people over, altering your schedule, living our family life with you has been a bigger change this month.  I have seen that you can stay out past your bedtime and not turn into a big fat mess.  You can skip naps occasionally and be fine.  You are more flexible now, or maybe more truthfully, I am more flexible now.

I have been watching a trashy, girly tv show called the Bachelor with some girlfriends on Monday nights.  This past week, I realized that it was one of the first times I have been out of the house without you just for fun.  It felt good to have some time to do something fun for me.  I have to admit that sometimes I feel like you are always "attached" to me and I crave some separation at times.  I know I will look back on these times when you are a teenage girl and long for all the time we spent together this first year.  I never stop loving you even when I want some me time and I miss you when we are apart. Your Daddy is still a little nervous to be alone with you, mostly because he loves you so much and is scared to do the wrong thing :)

You have such a gentle disposition.  You are looking more like your Daddy, but your personality is more like me.  You are a quiet observer in a crowd.  You like being around others and being out and about, yet need to have some time at home to recuperate.  You are not easily upset by much unless it is bedtime.

We love you very much sweetie-pie!


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