Wednesday, February 5, 2014

34 Weeks

Warmer weather graced us with it's presence this week.  I know, don't hate on us :) 
After Hatley-Grace was unable/unwilling to sleep in her pack n play for the high school retreat, I decided she needed to spend more time in the pack n play so she would be able to travel well.  The past few days have been beautiful, so HG played with her toys while I sat in my beach chair in the backyard.  
I think we both enjoyed it (maybe I did a little more).  A fitting crib sheet works as a great sun canopy when your little one has had enough vitamin D :)
This week, Hatley-Grace discovered that she can open and close her hand like she is saying "hello" and "bye-bye".  She doesn't do it at the appropriate times yet though, but will do it on command every once and a while.
She has had some true 4 hour schedule days this week, nursing/eating at 7,11,3,7...and some true 3 hour schedule days, 7,10,1,4,7...when do babies ever settle into one predictable routine!
 She is a true joy, as usual.  She is babbling up a storm saying lots of "babababa", and "mamamamama".  She also has started some screeching which is a lovely breakfast noise.  We need some rugs so the echoing stops.
We hosted a family that was speaking at our church this weekend at our home on Saturday night.  They have an 11 month old little girl, and boy was it fun to watch them interact.  HG loved playing with her new friend, even when she was getting smacked in the face, or stepped on she giggled.  She just loves other babies and constantly wants to grab their faces.   
 When HG is tired, she has started folding herself in half and burying her face in the floor.  She is quite flexible.  She has also discovered that her toes taste good.
She still throws up her vitamins when we mix it in her food, and will not take a bottle or straw cup.  Some stubbornness is showing in her little personality, in a very polite way...I wonder where she gets it from :)

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