Wednesday, February 26, 2014

37 Weeks

This week is a significant week because I was pregnant for 37 weeks with HG, and it was at my 37 week appointment that I was told I needed to be induced.  HG has been out and about with us for the same amount of time she was developing in the womb.
 Hattie-Grace has been talking so much the past few days.  She is constantly babbling.  She has also started mimicking talking too, by moving her mouth but not making any sounds.  Marty thinks she says "ba,ba" for Mama right now, but I'm not too sure.
She just started noticing shadows this week.
Hattie-Grace is still teething and it is so hard to see her in pain.  One bottom tooth has broken through the gum line, and I think another is working now.  She has little to no appetite for solids, and is chewing on everything in sight.  She loves the Chewbeads my sister gave me.

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