Monday, February 3, 2014


Buying a house is stressful to say the least.  As much as you think you can live an outdated space for a while, being around it everyday is sometimes hard.  Living with undone spaces for me has been much harder than I anticipated.  With over 3000 sq. ft, we are not going to be "done" settling into this home for a very long time.  We do not have the budget or time to redo every space this year, or even in the next few years. 
I have learned to celebrate the little projects we get done, and the small spaces that are functioning better for our family.  Focusing on these accomplishments helps me feel more at home in our new space.  
 A small project that we have "completed" is an organizational center for our entrance from the garage into the kitchen.  No one uses our front door, you have to walk around the entire front of the house to get there.  So, most people enter through the garage right into the kitchen.  This means purses, hats, coats, all end up on our kitchen countertops, which is hard when you are entertaining for dinner.  I decided we needed something with hooks to hang all these things.

We found some old wood in our garage and I sanded and painted it with Behr Cotton Fluff from another project.  I got some basic hooks at Home Depot, and Marty went to attaching the hooks onto the board.  The screws ended up being too long to go through the wood, so we added a wider board onto the back and Marty made the edges rounded.  Then he was able to attach the hooks through both boards without going through the back.  I like how it ended up even better with two boards instead of one, it think it is a little more finished.

I covered a bulletin board that was left over from church with burlap.  I used a 3M spray adhesive which made it very easy to cover.  Overall, we only spent money on the hooks and burlap, which made this project very budget friendly.  Would I rather have a beautiful organizational system from Pottery Barn in this space...yes, but this is working wonderfully for us so far and we did it with our own two hands!  
Yay for small spaces being completed!

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