Wednesday, March 26, 2014

41 weeks

On Wednesdays, Hattie-Grace has a "play-date" with a friend while her Mama's in a meeting.  The girls are a month apart, and they are just now being able to parallel play.  It is fun to see them interact together, and HG loves to squeal at Iva and grab her face. 

Thursday was the first day of Spring.  To me that Rita's!  We have a Rita's in the county south of us, about 45 min. away.  I just started working for the student ministry at church, and we were running low on snacks and drinks.  This was the perfect opportunity to score my free Rita's and do a big Sams Club run in the same trip.  HG was a sport helping me shop and watching me enjoy my free chocolaty treat.  I had in mind to get her a free cup to enjoy myself as well, but chickened out at the last minute.  I didn't want to look like the Mom that fed her child sugar at 9 months/ or that wanted to free cups :)

HG experienced her first girls softball game this week!  A few of my small group girls are on the team, and we enjoyed cheering them on.  HG wasn't sure about all the cheering in the crowd at first, but warmed up to it pretty quickly. 

 I feel like HG is doing new things everyday right now.  This week she fed herself some chicken, cheese and beans off her tray.  Most fell on the floor, but it is fun to see her involved in eating as well.  She even had some cheerios in a hopeful attempt to keep her silent during a worked marvelously.  We are still feeding her mostly purees, but she likes whole foods as well.  She also had some kale this week.  Plain whole milk yogurt, and oatmeal have become new favorite foods.
She now has 4 teeth, two bottom and two top.  Says Mama from her crib and when she is hungry and says DDD more intentionally for Dada.  She has started to sign "all done", so at least understand what it means.
HG has some new faces she likes to make.  She sniffs and smirks at the same time, and likes to mimic us smacking our lips.  When the camera is out, she is a ham and gives us lots of big smiles.

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