Sunday, April 13, 2014

10 months

Hatley-Grace is 10 months old.  Only two months until her first birthday, and I can not believe it!  Time sure does go by faster and faster each month.

Weight: 17.2 lbs. (unofficial bathroom scale)
Clothing:  9 months, transitioning into 12 months
Hair/Eyes: Light brown/ blue, green, with hints of brown, who knows where they will settle :)
Diapers:  Medium length, 4 snaps in
Teeth: 5 in one month, 5 teeth!  2 bottom, 3 top

Hatley-Grace is sleeping from around 7/8pm-7am.  She has been much better about going to bed later depending on our evening commitments.  She takes two naps a day, typically around 9-11 and 1-3.  She seems to be tired around 4/5 every day, yet will not nap so we have tried quiet crib time when we are home.  This is usually just HG rolling around in her crib eating the bumper until we go in and get her :)

HG is nursing 4 times a day, around 7, 11,3,7.  We offer her breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Some meals she eats more than others :)  Breakfast favorites right now are oatmeal with cinnamon and roasted apples, and yogurt with fruit.  Lunch and dinner favorites include all roasted vegetables, chicken, sweet potatoes and black beans.  She still loves avocado and yogurt any time.

Motor Skills:
Hatley-Grace is on the move!  She still does not traditionally crawl on her hands and knees, but will quickly get across the room to chew on anything and everything.  She inch worms, scoots on her belly and face, rolls, army crawls...any combination of moves.  She can stand on her own while holding onto a couch or handle.

She also uses her feet to grab things now as well.  She is using a pincher grasp on all small objects right now, like she is practicing using her thumb and pointer finger.

Fun Stuff:
-  Hatley-Grace giggles so much now, sometimes completely out of the blue she will start to laugh.
-  She is obsessed with crinkling her nose and making a smirk face.
-  HG hasn't met a stranger, when we are out and about she gives big smiles to everyone that comes up to her.
-  She loves being outside.  Going on walks and feeling the breeze is one of her favorite things.
-  Her favorite "toys" are books.
-  Teething has been the theme of the month, and because of that everything is in her mouth!
-  She can say Mama, Dada, bye-bye, she has also mimicked us saying bird, dog and more
-  HG is getting some sweet curls
-  There is a small gap between her front teeth that is adorable

Dear Sweet Hatley-Grace,

This month I have started to call you Hatley-Grace more, and I am not sure why.  You are settling into more of a Haltey and less of a Hattie in my eyes.  Maybe I am just seeing you grow up before my eyes.  Last week, you took a bottle and went to bed without me and showed me that you are becoming more independent with each passing day.

We went on a trip to Atlanta a week ago, and you really struggled to sleep.  As I was up with you in the middle of the night, it reminded me of our first three months together.  The many hours that I spent nursing you in the middle of the night seem so long ago, yet Atlanta was a sweet reminder of that time with you.  It also showed me how much you have grown and changed over this year.  You don't need me in the same ways anymore.  You can sleep all night, you are eating real food, you are moving around, you have preferences, you have a stubbornness shining forth, you love to play in the nursery at church with other kids, you call out my name when you are hungry or tired.  Sweet girl you are so smart and I can just see you making new connections every day.

I know you are quickly approaching the toddler stage, and I am cherishing every ounce of this baby stage with you.  You are a gentle sweet soul and I am excited to see what new things we can learn together in month 11 :)

Taking pictures of a 10 month old is hard work!

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