Saturday, April 5, 2014

42 weeks

Whew, this has been a busy week.  We had a fun visit from my grandparents.  Hatley-Grace has met them, yet she was only 3 months old at their last visit.  She enjoyed Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop reading Brown Bear to her the most!

Hatley-Grace is still loving her jumperoo.  She is getting around quicker on her own by rolling and inch worm "crawling".  She is trying lots of new foods now, and eating more too.  She is finally on a true 4 hour schedule, where she nurses 4 times a day with 3 meals.  She is normally awake for 2 hours before her morning and afternoon naps. 
 This week we took a big trip to Atlanta for a youth pastor's conference.  Hatley-Grace did great on the car ride there.  We stopped twice on the way for feedings and diaper changes.  She had her first lunch date at Zaxby's on the way there.  The first night in the hotel was kind of miserable since HG doesn't sleep well in the pack n play and she was teething.  We were up until 10 before she fell asleep, then she got up at 11 and went back down at 12, then was up at 2 and slept on my chest until morning.  I was a paranoid Mama, and couldn't sleep with her on me, so the next day we were a little tired :)  After the first night she slept fine, waking only once.  We learned our lesson...HG will be naping in the pack n play often from here on out.
 The best part of the trip was having another friend there with her sweet little girl who is only a few weeks older than HG.  It was great connecting with another mom and youth pastor's wife.  On the way home, HG had her first taste of Chipotle and loved everything in our burrito bowl.  The cilantro rice was a hit, along with the chicken and beans.  I think we have another Mexican food fan in the family.  

Despite the lack of sleep, missed naps and thrown schedule, HG did beautifully and adapted well.  We have been home two days now, and she has slept in both mornings and taken 2+ hour naps each nap...resting up from all the fun.

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