Thursday, April 10, 2014

43 weeks

Marty's parents were with us this week.  Hatley-Grace was loved on so well by them and enjoyed their company in our home.

Big news this week!  Hatley-Grace took a bottle and went to bed while I was out with friends.  This is the first time that I have not put her to her whole life.  It feels wonderful to know that my little girl is getting bigger and can take a bottle and go to bed without Mama.
HG now has 5 teeth.  Two top, two bottom and one right top tooth.  Naps and nighttime sleep has been disrupted by these silly teeth.  I feel like she started teething and is just popping out new teeth left and right!

I made some teething biscuits to try to help with her discomfort.  I got the recipe from a friend, Amanda's blog.  Check it out here.  HG loved chewing on the biscuit, and made a big mess as well.

New teeth= new foods here.  HG tried some pancakes with BB and Paw Paw, whole green beans, pear, red potatoes, and pork this week.  She is getting better at feeding herself, yet it takes forever to eat such a little bit!

 HG's legs are getting much stronger and she is able to stand up holding onto something on her own.  The dresser with swinging handles is a fun spot for her to stand now.

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