Thursday, April 24, 2014

45 weeks

Happy Easter!

Hatley-Grace enjoyed her first Easter this weekend.  We attended the church's Easter egg hunt, and saw the Easter bunny and egg.  Hatley-Grace wasn't too sure about these characters :)

On Sunday, we celebrated with the sweet Jones family and some friends.  We made a yummy lemon almond bread and chilled asparagus dish to add to the brunch. I would make both again for sure!
Food Network Chilled Asparagus Salad: Alex Guarnaschelli

Two peas and their pod lemon almond bread

Our sweet hosts for Easter.  We are so blessed by their care for our family here in Citrus County.

Our sweet friends Sarah and Emily love HG so

Hatley-Grace stayed true to her norms and did not nap while we were celebrating, so of course she passed out on the way home :)  

Haltey-Grace was spoiled by her Grandparents this year for Easter.  She loves her new Vera bunny and matching dress from my parents and lots of Easter books from Marty's parents.  

In other news this week, HG is making progress in the crawling department.  She is now alternating arm and legs to army crawl.  She keeps her tummy on the ground most of the time, but is using her arms and legs together to scoot across the floor.  She is also enjoying standing up on the couch or window sill and seeing everything from a new perspective :)  Here she is watching the school bus from her window, a favorite morning pastime. 
She is also starting to prefer eating regular food, and not the purees.  Here is one of her favorites from the week, and one of mine too.
Southwest bean salad 

Lunchin' on the Lanai 

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Amanda K. said...

i'm impressed with marty's ability to hold a hatley-grace and not mess up her dress. well done.
happy easter! he is risen!