Monday, May 26, 2014

49/50 weeks

BB and Paw Paw came to visit this week!  We picked blueberries, went to the park to swing and played outside lots!
HG loved smiling at Paw Paw and giggled at him all the time.  BB's glasses were Hatley-Grace's favorite play toy.  Marty and I were able to go to Tampa to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary with ease knowing that HG was being so well cared for! 
 HG pointed at Marty and said Dada while the Cates were here.
Hatley-Grace loved having her Grandparents visit and spend time with us.  She was spoiled by all the love and attention!
Hatley-Grace also got to meet Aunt Pricilla this weekend.  My cousin Emma is an intern at our church this summer, and is living with us for the summer.  Hatley-Grace is going to love having family around all summer long!  I'm going to love having the extra hands here as well :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Watermelon time

We decided on a watermelon theme for Hatley-Grace's first birthday and took some pictures for her invitation in the front yard.

Her little curls are growing longer.

She just started hugging this week.  She will also smack her lips when you give her kisses to kiss us back.

She loves peas right now.  When given a bowl of peas and carrots, she will pick out every pea first.  Then she will keep some peas in her mouth until we have to pry them out hours later.  Silly girl!

Monday, May 12, 2014

11 months

Happy 11 months sweet girl!

Weight: 17.8 lbs (unofficial bathroom scale)
Clothing: 6-12 months for the most part
Diapers: We went back to the smallest length and 4 snaps in.  Seems to help now that she is constantly on the move. 

HG is your typical first born in the sense that she loves a routine (or maybe Mama loves a routine).  She wakes around 7, morning nap is from 9:30-11/11:30, afternoon nap is around 1:30-3/3:30.  Bedtime has become later this month, around 7:30 or 8.  It is nice to have some more time in the evenings if we are out of the house before she needs to go to bed!  She will not sleep if we are out, no matter what.  The ladies in the nursery have tried everything :) 

HG nurses 4 times a day, about every 4 hours.  She is still a mystery to me when it comes to solid foods.  She is sometimes a big eater, and sometimes she could care less about solids all day long.  We offer her breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she nurses before bed.  We are starting to see her prefer to feed herself, and not want purees or to be spoon fed.  Black beans, yogurt, and cheese are favorites right now.  As she was teething this week, I gave her some Cheerios, and she absolutely loved them. 
 Fun stuff:
-  HG loves being outside; going for walks, swinging, playing in the pack n play while I work in the garden or tan are all things she loves.

-  She says Mama, Dada, more, bye bye.  She says the b sound when we tell her book, bird and bunny.

-  HG has 6 teeth, 4 top and 2 bottom.
 -  She scoots/crawls around the house dragging her belly, still not on all fours.

-  She just started crawling over our legs and trying to climb on us.

-  No matter what toys are around, books are her choice.  She will lay on her back holding the book with her legs and babble read the books all day long.  Then she precedes to try to eat them, we say "No Mama" and the process repeats itself.  It is an exciting life over here!
 -  While I'm cooking, she enjoys playing with her dishes.

-  She is quick to give a smile and a giggle to anyone she meets.

-  She is getting lots and lots of curls. 

-  You cry every time we get you in your pajamas after your bath.  Maybe you love being naked??
 -  You like to bounce in your jumperoo and watch the birds on the lanai.

-  You are hesitant about dogs at first, but then love to pet them and squeal at them.

-  You smirk and snort your nose at us all the time and it is so precious! 

- You are so gentle and graceful in your movements.  You are not easily upset by much.
Dear Hatley-Grace,

As the magnolias start to bloom here, I am reminded of my many walks in our old neighborhood with you in my belly.  It feels like a long time ago that we were filled with anticipation of your arrival.  Yet, at the same time, I can remember you growing in my tummy so clearly.  It is amazing to me that I am planning your first birthday party already!

I love that we have always gone on walks together.  We walked in St Louis, when you were just forming in my belly.  We walked at our friends' home in Crystal River by the water early in the morning listening to sermons from churches that we could no longer attend.  We walked in Brentwood around the loop 2 times, or on hot days in the gym.  I walked up until the morning I was induced.  We walked during your morning nap after you were born in Brentwood around the loop.  Now we walk in our new neighborhood, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, sometimes both :)  You love to unwind in the evening after your bath with a short evening stroll around our circle.

You have grown and changed so much this month, and I can't wait to celebrate one year with you soon.  We are planning a watermelon themed party to celebrate together!  Your Daddy and I love you so very much and are excited to see how what you learn this month and how you grow even more into a beautiful sweet girl inside and out.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

46 weeks

HG had a play date and a first birthday party this week, such a social butterfly :)  She went on a swing for the first time at the party and loved it.  Guess who's getting a swing for her birthday!?!?

We got a toothbrush and started "brushing" HG's teeth this week.  She likes holding the toothbrush and fights it being put in her mouth.  Don't be fooled by her big sweet eyes, she's a stubborn one.

 Books are her favorite thing ever right now!

HG used to be scared of the vacuum, but now will just crawl/roll around after the cord.
HG is eating lots of new foods recently, pretty much whatever we are having for dinner.  She loved turkey burgers and corn off the cob, and enjoys watermelon and egg casserole.  She is an extremely slow eater, or maybe this is just a stage.  Anyone else feel like they sit at the table for hours on end for their baby to finish chewing one black bean?

HG loves looking out the windows on the lanai and watching the birds, squirrels, and lizards.  

Love these sweet cheeks!