Thursday, May 1, 2014

46 weeks

HG had a play date and a first birthday party this week, such a social butterfly :)  She went on a swing for the first time at the party and loved it.  Guess who's getting a swing for her birthday!?!?

We got a toothbrush and started "brushing" HG's teeth this week.  She likes holding the toothbrush and fights it being put in her mouth.  Don't be fooled by her big sweet eyes, she's a stubborn one.

 Books are her favorite thing ever right now!

HG used to be scared of the vacuum, but now will just crawl/roll around after the cord.
HG is eating lots of new foods recently, pretty much whatever we are having for dinner.  She loved turkey burgers and corn off the cob, and enjoys watermelon and egg casserole.  She is an extremely slow eater, or maybe this is just a stage.  Anyone else feel like they sit at the table for hours on end for their baby to finish chewing one black bean?

HG loves looking out the windows on the lanai and watching the birds, squirrels, and lizards.  

Love these sweet cheeks!  

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