Monday, May 26, 2014

49/50 weeks

BB and Paw Paw came to visit this week!  We picked blueberries, went to the park to swing and played outside lots!
HG loved smiling at Paw Paw and giggled at him all the time.  BB's glasses were Hatley-Grace's favorite play toy.  Marty and I were able to go to Tampa to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary with ease knowing that HG was being so well cared for! 
 HG pointed at Marty and said Dada while the Cates were here.
Hatley-Grace loved having her Grandparents visit and spend time with us.  She was spoiled by all the love and attention!
Hatley-Grace also got to meet Aunt Pricilla this weekend.  My cousin Emma is an intern at our church this summer, and is living with us for the summer.  Hatley-Grace is going to love having family around all summer long!  I'm going to love having the extra hands here as well :)

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