Saturday, June 14, 2014

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Hatley-Grace!!!
On the morning of her party, Hattie-Grace sat up for the first time (6/8).  I walked into her room after her nap to see this sweet face. 
 We celebrated HG's birthday on Sunday with a watermelon themed party.  My small group girls were able to come and help us party :)
 My cousin Emma is living with us this summer and doing and internship at our church.  She was a HUGE help in making this party a success!
We served the Pioneer Woman's watermelon pico de gallo and a watermelon cucumber salad.  The pico de gallo was a crowd favorite!
We also had a fun popcorn bar at the other end of the table with lots of toppings.  I stamped watermelons on the paper bag to have it correlate with the theme :)
I made a board with HG's monthly pictures on it that you can see in the background of this shot of the lovely girls!
I made pink and white pom-poms and watermelon banners to decorate the lanai.  Anyone have a need for lots of watermelon banners?
 One of HG's buddies.
We had the dessert table on the lanai.  We served chocolate cake, blueberry yogurt cake, peach pound cake with peaches from our tree, sprinkle cookies and strawberry cookies.  HG's smash cake is in the middle, which made a few for leftovers and her friends.  Click for the recipes. 

 HG was a true girly girl and didn't want to touch the icing.  She enjoyed a bite or two and then was done.

 These family shots are so precious to me.  We hardly ever get pictures with all three of us together.

 Our big one year old!

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