Thursday, August 21, 2014

14 months

This month has been a whirlwind of travels and summertime fun.  Marty traveled lots this month, and HG missed him when he was gone.  She got so excited to hear his voice on the phone.  We said goodbye to the interns, and cousin Emma living with us for the summer.  And we just returned from a two week trip up north to see family and friends.

 It will be hard to document to "norm" for this month since we have been on the go so much.

Eyes/hair:  hazel, light brown/blond with a hint of strawberry
Clothing: mostly 12 m
Diapers: flips shortest length, 4 snaps in

We are on month two of not sleeping through the night.  Traveling did not help with this at all.  Most nights on our trip, HG would wake 3 times at night.  Where is this coming from?  Needless to say, we are back to the grind with sleep training and mama is not going in any more.

HG dropped down to one nap this month.  We are slowly pushing that nap later and later so it is a true afternoon nap.  I love the freedom of going and doing in the morning.

HG is nursing 3 times a day now, and we are trying to cut out the mid day time.  Some days she eats wonderfully and I think she is ready to be fully weaned, and other days all she wants to do is nurse.  Again this has been a slow process for us.

Motor skills:
HG has gotten more confident in standing and cruising.  At our parents houses', she crawled everywhere to explore her new surroundings.  She enjoyed cruising around new coffee tables and couches and fireplaces.  She just started standing up without holding onto anything, but still leans her weight on whatever is close by.

Fun stuff:
- HG calls everything ba??? right now.

- HG can point out our nose, ears, eyes and belly buttons

- She more regularly calls us Mama and Dada

- She sings and dances along with music

-  HG is ticklish on her thighs, neck and armpits

-  This month HG learned to tell us what the cow and bear say.

-  She has been teething on and off all month, and has had a big appetitie for frozen peas because of it

-  HG has a new silly face where she stretches her mouth to form an "o"

-  We made our first trip to a children's farm and a zoo this month.

-  Books are still her favorite things to play with, and they kept us occupied the many hours we spent in the car.   Marty and I marvel at how she studies each page and will babble read the pages to herself in the car seat.  Now we know all we need to do is get her a few new books for every road trip and she will be set...oh and Cheerios of course :)

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