Saturday, August 30, 2014

Road trip Part 2

After a week with the Cates in Virginia, we headed north to see my parents.  Our first visit at home was to see my Grandparents.  Here is HG with her Great Grandfather.  

We also ventured to a small zoo in Wilmington.  We thought we would save the Philadelphia zoo trip until she is a little older.  This zoo was sweet and small, just the right size for HG's attention span.

 HG even got to pick out her own surprise from the gift shop.  She chose an owl that Mimi enjoyed getting for her, and now knows that they owl says "whoo, whoo".

We had an afternoon by the pool with my girlfriends from high school, and sadly this is the only picture I got!  HG loved visiting with my friends' newborn.
We spent most of our visit outside by the pool.  My parents got a fun water table that Hattie-Grace enjoyed so much.  This was HG's first time really playing in grass...a weird thing to document, I know.  There are many perks to living in Florida, yet nice grass isn't one of them.  There are fire ants here and sharp, prickly grass.  We rarely are anywhere that she is free to crawl around in the grass and enjoy the texture.  This was a nice treat!

I'm so thankful that Hattie-Grace got a lot of visiting time with her Great Grandma, her namesake.

Sweet cuddles and books. 
We also had a picnic for family to get to meet HG! Here is HG with her second cousins.  Such an awkward shot! Photography is not a skill of mine :)
My sweet childhood friend came over as well with her daughter who is a few month younger than HG.  It was so special seeing our babies play together!
 Snack time!
 HG did a wonderful job in the car!  Books and blocks kept her entertained for hours.  What a sport!

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