Friday, August 1, 2014


Hatley-Grace is not a toy girl.  She loves her books, but most other toys or baby items she could care less about.  Most of our play time is spent tearing pages out of In Style magazines, crawling all over the lanai, shaking water bottles filled with popcorn kernels, and keeping flip flops out of her mouth.

Apparently, I was like this as a baby.  Barbies and dolls were not of much interest to me.  I remember loving blocks and legos as a little girl.  The idea of being able to create something out of a simple pile of blocks was so exciting to me.

We have found a few toy items that she is enjoying at this stage.  My parents gave her a water table for her birthday, and she has loved to use this (inside right now) for pulling up.  It has encouraged her to get up on her feet to play.  We haven't filled it with anything other than toys and cups, but she loves it right now.

My Mom sent her some blocks recently, and I think we have finally found a toy that she loves!  I foresee many houses, cars, trucks and towers being built in our future.
 Lots of banging them together.

 They are the perfect high chair toy as well :)

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Melissa Recchiuti Gibson said...

Zane loves his mega blocks and books too!