Friday, September 12, 2014

15 months

Hattie-Grace is 15 months today!

Clothing: Mostly 12 months
Flips:  shortest length, 4 snaps in
Hair:  Mostly strawberry blond this month
Eyes: Hazel
Teeth:  Wow has she popped out some teeth this month.  6 are fully in, and 3 molars are budding  through as well as two bottom teeth.

Official Stats will come on Monday at her 15m check-up.

All summer we battled in this area.  With travels, mixed up schedules, and Daddy in and out of town, HG's normal sleep patterns were very disrupted.  This month she was much more predictable.  We are down to one nap, which is getting progressively later in the day and longer (12-2, 1-3)  In the beginning of the month, HG would wake early around 5 nurse and go back to sleep until 7:30 or 8.  The past week, we have cut out the morning nursing and she is getting up around 6/6:30 while going to bed around 7:30.

We have turned a corner with whole milk this month.  She now enjoys whole milk, and is almost fully transitioned from nursing to whole milk.  HG loves hamburgers, meatballs, all vegetables, eggs, muffins, rice cakes, peanut butter, and yogurt.  She is eating much more this month as well.

Oh my, Hattie-Grace is so expressive and gaining new words all the time.  New words this month are: church, shoes, ball, baby, cheese, yes, eyes.  She is signing please now which is so cute.  She thinks that she can have anything as long as she says please.  She will ask for help by signing please too.
Motor Skills:
Hattie-Grace is becoming interested in eating with silverware and will practice her skills in the water table and while eating and cooking.  She loves pens and "colors" with them.  Play dough is a new toy recently, and HG likes to cut her play dough and roll it.  HG is cursing from coffee tables to couches to laundry baskets.  She can walk across the room with her walker, yet no sign of stand up on her own or walking yet.  I'm in no rush for her to walk, but I know our pediatrician will be concerned on Monday.

Fun Stuff:
-  HG just started to scowl this month.  Not always at appropriate times, but it isn't cute.  

-  HG loves to read Llama, Llama Nighty Night before bed.  She can even say "Llama, Llama Nighty Night" in her own way when she wants to read it.

-  Speaking of books, they are still her favorite.  We have enjoyed Mother Goose Time at the library this month.  HG is a little squirmy during the read aloud, yet loves the music and play time with friends. 

-  She loves giving kisses.  This sometimes includes licking.

-  HG loves going to church.  She will say Dada when we pull into the parking lot, and she knows she gets to visit the girls and Dada at church.  She loves going to the nursery as well, and plays so hard with the other children.   

-  HG had her first diaper rash this month :(

-  Her personality is shining through.  She is super silly at times, and very playful.

Dear Hattie-Grace,
I love watching you take in the world around you.  You are so curious.  You crawl everywhere and inspect everything.  Everyday you say a new word, or make a new expression.  It is true that you are like a sponge soaking up everything!

This summer was hard, lots of lost sleep and worry over weaning you.  I am down to nursing you just before bed right now.  You had a hard time this month letting go of nursing.  I saw emotions of frustration, anger and sadness that you have not expressed thus far.  It made me sad, yet you have adjusted so well!  You are growing into a big girl, drinking milk from your cup and eating lots at meals and snacks.  You have never been a cuddling baby before, yet with this transition you give me kisses and hugs randomly throughout the day.  This melts my heart!

Others are concerned about you not walking right now, but surprisingly I'm not worried over it.  I know that you will walk in your own time, the same way you crawled a little late.  You are just not ready yet, and that is ok.  If I have learned anything in parenting so far, it is that I cannot control you, and don't want to be in control of you.  God created you exactly how you are, He does not make mistakes.  He has wonderful plans for you!  

Your Daddy and I love you so very much!


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Amanda K. said...

she is GORGEOUS!
and just love your attitude about walking. david was a late walker and everyone ELSE was worried. i hope you have a good conversation with your doctor -- one that is beneficial and doesn't make you worried.
also, i'm totally jealous of HG's eating habits. MV is crazy picky. We can barely get her to eat anything!