Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

 We have been blessed to have Carolyn Allen as a friend and our "family photographer" in Citrus County.  This Christmas and last, she has beautifully captured our family for our Christmas cards and portraits in our home.
I hope you enjoyed a Christmas surrounded by loved ones this year.
 As I reflect on 2014, I can rejoice because the Lord is faithful and good.
 Every beautiful gift is from Him.
 Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!
 The baby we celebrate this season, is our mighty King.
 He humbled Himself, and became man.
 All because of His never ending, never stopping love for us!
   Our God is the only true redeemer and King.
 May His peace and love dwell in your hearts richly this year!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Monday, December 15, 2014

18 months

Hatley-Grace is 18 months old!

Weight: 20lbs. 15 oz
Height: 30 3/4 in
Clothing: 18 months, some 12 month tops/dresses, size 4 shoes
Diapers: medium length 4 snaps in

What is she up to?
Hatley-Grace is on a wonderful schedule right now.  She sleeps from about 8pm to 7 am.  She is an early riser, and will be babbling and ready to go for the day by 6:30/7.  By 12:30, Hatley-Grace is ready for a nap and will sleep from 21/2-3 hours on a normal day.  I love this routine since it gives us freedom in the morning to meet up with friends or run errands, and then I get some much needed alone time in the afternoon.

Hatley-Grace loves bacon and sausage in the morning, eggs, oatmeal, banana and toast are still favorites as well.  She enjoys eating whatever we are having for most meals.  She loves peanut butter or quinoa salads at lunch.  We have made lots of soups lately, and she is doing wonderfully with trying to use her spoon.  She is beginning to want to feed herself all the time, and looks insulted or frustrated when I try to help.  She can say milk, and asks for her milk cup in the evening before bedtime routines.

Motor skills:
Hatley-Grace has taken to walking so quickly this month.  She no longer crawls, and all she wants to do is walk around the house.  No sitting and playing for her right now.  We are currently painting our kitchen cabinets, so all the doors are out in the garages.  This leaves all the bowls, measuring cups, pots and pans exposed all day to little toddler hands; therefore, the kitchen is her favorite place to explore these days.  She loves to stir with spoons and pretend feed me and her animals.  Hatley- Grace will sit to color with crayons or chalk, and occasionally enjoys play dough.

Other fun things this month:
- we can now play outside since she is a confident walker!  She loves finding the unripe oranges that have fallen on the ground, and acorns in the driveway.  This spring is going to be so fun with her in the garden.

-  Our neighbors have a white Scottish terrier named Happy whom Hatley-Grace loves to visit.  Whenever she hears the word happy she starts saying please to go and visit him.  We are so thankful for our sweet neighbors, their loving hearts towards our daughter and for Happy the dog.

-  New balance sneakers have been a huge hit in the shoe department.  Although they are not stylish, Hatley-Grace walks and plays so well in them.

-  Marty taught her how to give Eskimo kisses this month (rubbing your noses).

-Tea for Ruby is a favorite book right now.

-  Hatley-Grace has no patience for the Jesus Storybook Bible, but loves looking through the pictures.

-  We started to introduce play pen time on mornings we have been at home( I hoping this will turn into independent play time in her roomin a few months).  This has not been a hit, as she cries the entire time.  Still an adjustment.

-  She pooped in the bathtub for the first time this weekend.  She showed me all the signs that it was coming, yet being a first time mom I had no idea what she was doing.  I thought she was pretending to be a frog. Part of it made it in the toilet, so we ordered a potty for her and it will arrive today.  We may attempt to see if she is interested in kicking the diapers, I know I am!

- Hatley-Grace is taking after her daddy more and more.  She is a big ham in groups of people, and the girls have taught her how to "cheese" for the camera.

- She hates having her hair put up in pigtails or pony tails, but loves her bows and asks for them when we get dressed.