Sunday, January 18, 2015

Songs For Saplings

I have to pass this resource on to any Mamas out there or anyone with children in their life.  Hatley-Grace and I have enjoyed Songs For Saplings so much the past few months.  The Question and Answer CDs are basically catechism questions and rich theological truths put to music.  The CD's are packed with scripture and Hatley-Grace loves the music as well.  All 6 question and answer CDs are available for free digital download.  I play these all the time, while we are playing, eating meals together or in the car.  
Also, the Songs for Saplings ABC and 123 are available as well.  My Aunt gave us the ABC CD for Christmas and it is now a go to CD in the car.  This CD is full of short songs that are purely scripture put to music.  I hope you enjoy them with your kiddos!  Click here to download!


Lyns said...

Thanks for posting about this! We love the Answers one, I am going to download the rest!

Ashley said...

oh how fun! We've recently gotten into the Seeds cds - I'll have to check these out too! thanks for sharing! :)