Saturday, February 14, 2015

20 months

Hatley-Grace is 20 months old.  We have seen our little girl grow so much this month.  Her vocabulary is exploding daily, and she is getting much bigger.

Weight: 22 lbs.
Clothing: 18m tops, 24m bottoms
Shoes: 4/5
Diapers: flips, medium length 4 snaps in, disposables 3-4
Hair/eyes: dirty blond/ hazel

7:30/8pm-7am is a typical nighttime sleep, with a good afternoon nap around 1-3.

Nothing really new this month in the eating area.  Sometimes I feel like all we do is cook, eat, clean-up and repeat.  HG is not a picky eater, and for that I am thankful.

Motor development:
HG started running this month, not really fast, but the skill is developing for sure when she sees something she wants to get into.  When playing outside in the yard, she walks confidently over branches and hills and is much more stable while on the go.  We have worked on some simple lacing activities this month along with coloring and painting crafts.  Stickers are a fun challenge right now too.  She is more interested in puzzles this month, and puts her animals in the stalls in her barn.  The shape shorting cube is another favorite activity right now.

Everyday we are hearing more babbling, and more coherent words.  She started stringing two words together this month very infrequently.  She can repeat most any word we ask, and still talks about church, snacks, and her friend, Iva, the most.

Fun stuff:
- This month, Marty and I went away for four days and left HG for the first time overnight.  My mom came to spend some quality time with HG, and she did wonderfully without us.  She loved her time with Mimi and still talks about it today.

-  Hatley-Grace has taken an interest in her baby dolls this month.  She likes to undress them and feed them the most.  She will babble to her baby dolls and pretends to put them to bed.

-  Hatley-Grace knows the first two catechism questions, and we are currently working on "Why did God make all things?".  "For His own glory" is a lot harder to say than, "God", and "all things".

-  Hatley-Grace started helping with daily chores this month.  She helps unload the dishwasher, puts clothes in the dryer, puts away her shoes, cleans up her toys and books, and waters flowers.
-  We are installing new laminate wood floors in the kitchen.  Each morning when a new stage of the process has been completed, HG squeals with delight and runs over the new section of floors in her socks.

-  We moved HG into a bigger convertible car seat this month.  She loves the better view out of the window.
Dear Hatley-Grace,

You are on the move more than ever this month.  You love to read books, do crafts, eat snacks, and go to church to see your friends.  Your Daddy and I went on a trip this month, and you stayed alone with Mimi at our house.  I thought it would be hard to be away from you that long, and although I did miss you, it was a wonderful time away.  I enjoyed it so much because you did so well with your Mimi.  You loved your time playing with Mimi, you slept and ate well, and that made our time away so much easier for me.  When we returned, you were happy to see us, then went back to your normal routine.  The next time we kissed you and gave you a hug you said "bye-bye", expecting us to leave you again with Mimi :)

You are able to communicate so much more this month.  I can see the little wheels turning in your head, and forming phrases and sentences that we have yet to understand fully.  You study your books, and practice saying words that you hear us read to you.  You are more interested in doing crafts now, and have a longer attention span for cooking in your kitchen, and playing with your babies.

I love watching you grow and look forward to seeing what new things you learn this month!