Sunday, March 22, 2015

21 months

Weight: Around 23 lbs.
Clothing:18 months, some 24 months
Shoes: 4

At this stage, you can almost see HG making connections and thinking through new things everyday. New words, new physical developments, new opinions, new interest.  Everything we do is a learning opportunity and she is soaking it all in.

HG has good sleeping habits, and sleeps around 11 hours at night and takes around a 2 hour nap after lunch.  I am so very thankful for this right now, because when she is not sleeping she is busy busy.

She loves being outside, so we have enjoyed the water table a lot this month now that it is warmer.  We love to go on walks with friends, and visit the duck pond.  HG still enjoys running errands, says hi to everyone that pays her attention.  Hatley-grace has taken more or an interested in playing with her dolls, and pretends to care for their needs,  She has a ball at youth group playing outside with the kids and is spoiled by all the girls there.  While we are there, she gives the boys big smiles and likes to help me sell snacks and drinks.  She is a big helper wherever we are.  If a friend is fussing, she tries to help by giving them a water bottle or snack.  She will help me load and unload the dishwasher, and can now swiffer dust the new wood floors :). We have entered more of a toddler/little girl stage, and I beleive the "baby" months are long gone.

Dear Hatley-Grace,

This month I have enjoyed doing life together.  We have been so focused on some big house projects, that sometimes you have just been toted from place to place, but you don't mind.  You have loved spending time at Home Depot and Lowes because they have a car cart for you to drive.  You like the plant section the best, and ask to go there first.

You are communicating so much better with us now.  I love to see your opinions form and your personality take shape.  You listen to me well, for your age, and you are sweet hearted.  You love church and are never scared to leave us to go to nursery.  You look like a big kid in the one year old room now, and have asked to go to the twos room.  We have have lots of family visitors recently; you  are so well loved baby girl.

Summer weather is here to stay for good now.  I'm looking forward to lots of pool time and icecream dates soon!


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Amanda K. said...

i read this with mary virginia on my lap. i said, "look, it's your friend hatley grace!" and she said, "i don't know hatley grace!"
then as i scrolled the pictures, she said, "I like hatley grace."
i agree, she's such a cutie!