Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter morning, Hatley-Grace enjoyed opening her Easter basket!  

I think her favorite thing was Minnie Mouse gardening gloves from Mimi.
We got dressed and headed to first service to celebrate the risen King!  We brought Hatley-Grace into the service for the beginning to listen to the music and to experience us praising the Lord through songs and the liturgy.  She intently watched the brass as they played, and enjoyed the choir singing as well.

After service, we headed home to grab our Easter dishes and celebrated with an Easter brunch with some other families from church.
 They are always so sweet to invite us to spend holidays with them since our families are far from Citrus County!
 They even planned a fun egg hunt for the youngsters.
 Hatley-Grace finally discovered the candy inside the eggs, and had her first jelly bean on this egg hunt.
 After one taste, she wanted to open all the eggs and eat "sweet treats" instead of hunting for more eggs. :)

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