Sunday, April 5, 2015

Egg Hunting

Seven Rivers, our church, has a huge egg hunt every year.  It is such a fun morning, with lots of games and activities for the children, a big egg hunt that last for a few minutes, and lunch and fellowship.  

Last year, Hatley-Grace was too little to participate in the hunt,

but this year, we practiced egg hunting and talked lots about finding eggs and putting them in the basket.

 She had a blast playing with her friends and hula hooping before the hunt.

They divided the hunt up by ages, so she was on a field with just toddlers.

She waited with her Daddy like such a big girl to start.

And they were off!

She was not the least bit shy about finding the eggs and putting them in her basket.

Sweating from all the hard work!

So proud of all her eggs!

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