Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Everyday blessings

Our normal days look a lot like this...

 We have a turtle that lives in our yard that Hatley-Grace loves to follow around.
 She enjoys telling the turtle what to do.
 The drum set at the student ministry building is her new favorite part of youth group!  This girl has got some rhythm.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blueberry Picking

Every year, we have a great fundraiser for our high school missions trip where we get to pick blueberries and sell them at church.  These are the best tasting blueberries ever!  The woman that owns the farm goes to our church, and teaches us about each variety while we are picking.  The correct way to taste each variety is eating three berries at one time.  This gives you the full flavor profile, very Food Network!

Hatley-Grace enjoyed picking this year.  I think she also ate her weight in blueberries!

One in the bucket, one in her mouth, was her strategy.  Lets be honest, thats everyone's strategy!

 Hatley-Grace also enjoyed the farm animals.  We got to take some fresh eggs home to enjoy for breakfast the next morning.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


I think we are entering into the terrible twos stage right now.  No, Hatley-Grace is not melting down and having temper tantrums, but she is starting to want to do everything on her own.  Most kids say, "I do it," or something similar.  Hatley-Grace says, "mes!" or "Haxs, mes" with a little attitude.  It is hard not to giggle at this exlaimation of independence.

Monday, May 18, 2015

23 months

Weight: 23 lbs.
Hair/eyes: blond/hazel
Clothing: 18-24 months
Shoes: 5

Hatley-grace wakes every morning shouting,  "Mama, Mama!", and when I enter the room she proceeds to tell me all about church or dresses, or shoes or books,..followed by "uh huh, uh huh, yes, yes."  She just wakes ready to go for the day.  Most days, she would prefer to spend all day at church and outside. She loves the sandbox, and used to stay clean by playing outside the sand turtle, yet recently discovered taking off her shoes and sitting in the sand.  Now this is her preferred way of playing with sand.  I knew I could only keep her sand free for so long :).  Watering the plants, riding her bike, going on walks with Iva and coloring with chalk are other favorite outdoor activities.  She also spends lots of time yelling hi from our driveway at any dog walker, or old couple strolling by.

Now that the sun is out until 8/8:30, she will not settle for bedtime until it is good and dark.  She has always been one that did not enjoy bedtime, and now it is even later.  I'm not sure how we will handle this once come July and August when it is light until 9:30 :). The extended daylight is not all that bad though as we have enjoyed after dinner walks with daddy and later ball games too.

Potty training is in full force right now.  Some days are great and some are not, but she is learning and getting better.  She loves her princess and Minnie mouse underwear, and gets so proud when she successfully uses the potty. We venture out of the house in underwear yesterday and had no accidents and even used the potty in the back of the car.  I don't know how long it will be until this is our new norm, but I am looking forward to diaper free days.

I find myself, Marty or friends saying hg is just so darn cute right now a ton.  Her full head of curls, big eyes and long eyelashes coupled with broken incomplete sentences just make for cuteness all around.  Her eyes light up with excitement at the mention of visiting her friends, going to church, having the girls over, or simply helping mama in the kitchen.  She wants to explore her whole world through touch.  We see a lizard, and she asks to touch it, we see a puppy she wants to touch it, we see curious George on tv and she wants to touch him.  Everything is still so new to her, yet she is now old enough to comprehend all the new experiences and loves them!

Dear Hatley-Grace,

This month you love arts and crafts, baby dolls, dressing up, and some Richard Scarry videos.  You are counting so much now, and have made it to 12 once, although most times you skip 4 and 5.  You tell me your name is Hax, and can find the letter H and say Hax, and find the letter M and say Mama. You are so very smart and soaking in everything we teach you.

You are a kind friend, and love caring for others.  You want to rock new babies, and pat them on the bottom when they cry.  You love wearing dresses and enjoying picking out your shoes for the day.  You take a great afternoon nap, but never like to go to bed at night.  You mind your Daddy very well and cry when he disciplines you.

You are my Mamas girl around the house, helping with cooking, cleaning and getting ready in the morning with me.  When we are out, you are not clingy to me one bit.  You are adventures, and little scares you.  You trust the big kids to play with you at a game or youth group and won't worry about me being near you.  I love your independent spirit.

Next month, we will celebrate your second birthday.  I have two flights booked between now and then to make the most of your time traveling without buying you a ticket.  I pray you continue to grow in the knowledge of the Savior who loves you so much more than your daddy or I can.  We relax the Jesus Storybook Bible every morning, and I pray that little bits and pieces are sticking in your sweet mind of Jesus' never stopping, never ending, never giving up, always and forever love for you.