Wednesday, June 17, 2015

St Louis continued...

We began our last day visiting Covenant Seminary, and checking out where we used to live.

 Hatley-Grace fell asleep on the drive at 9am!  She lost a lot of sleep on this trip, so much so that I thought she would wake up when I stopped to run an errand, yet didn't.  I took her out of the car, and shopped she snoozed for a good 45 min in the car seat like an infant.  Crazy girl!
 After her nap, we stopped at a playground to play for the rest of the morning.
 There are playgrounds everywhere in St Louis, and they are all beautiful and fun!  This one had two different sections divided by age, and even a splash pad to cool off in.

We had another peanut butter picnic before heading back to the church for nap.  We spent some time with the team before flying out that evening.  Between the time change and flights and the drive home from the airport, we made it home just before midnight.  Hatley-Grace was a trooper during our travels, and it made me sad this was the last time she could fly for free.  We made the most of joining Daddy on a mission trip, and I look forward to more times we can do ministry alongside him and the youth.

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