Tuesday, June 16, 2015

St Louis, Day 1 and 2

Hatley-Grace and I joined Marty and the high school students on their missions trip to St Louis last week.  Most of the work that the team did was not appropriate for an almost two year old to be around, so we explored the city together and joined them when we could. 
 Our first morning we did a trip to the zoo.  It always amazed me while living in St Louis that the zoo is free!  We explored about half of the zoo, and some favorites were the penguin house and the sea lion tunnel.
 We left the zoo to join the team for lunch at a garden they had worked on most of the week.

Day 2:
The Missouri Botanical Gardens was the our second morning's outing.  This was my favorite morning by far.  We spent most of the morning in the children's garden.  Hatley-Grace loved it.  

Flowers and a pollination exhibit:

 A pretend produce stand
 Splash pad!



 Most lunches were spent picnic style on this trip.
 After a morning at the gardens we met the big kids at Forest Park.  We explored the zoo some more and the Art Museum.

The beautiful view of Art Hill.

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