Thursday, June 18, 2015


Weight: 23 lbs.
Length: 33 in
Eyes/hair: hazel, blond and curly 
Clothing: 18-24 months 
Shoes: 5
Sleep: HG is still not a fan of going to bed.  She is usually asleep by 8:30 pm and wakes around 7am. She is always a fan of nap time after lunch and snoozes for a good 2-3 hours from 12:30-3 give or take.

Eating:  HG is a good eater, and will eat pretty much anything except some traditional "kid foods" like grilled cheese, quesadillas, and macaroni and cheese.  She likes to bake with me and asks to "try some" along the way.  She has taken an interest in diet coke since we traveled this summer, and calls every soda diet coke.  I told her that diet coke is not for little girls, just for Mama, and she will say "Mama, diet coke.  Mes a Mama, Mes diet coke".

Her vocabulary is growing everyday.  She now speaks in sentences with multiple words and the grammar is very off but cute.  She likes singing the ABCs, Twinkle twinkle little star, and Jesus loves me.  Sometimes she will sing unidentifiable songs as well.  She knows her colors, and some shapes.  She can identify the letter H and M, H for Hatley-Grace, and M for Mama.  One day she found an H on a paper, and has been looking for it ever since on anything with "ABCs" on it.  She can count to ten, yet often skips numbers.

Oh my, is HG's personality blossoming and developing.  She has still never met a stranger.  She loves being around people and loves her teenage friends.  She has stronger opinions now about what she would like to do, wear, watch on tv, eat, and play with.  When she wants something she exclaims, "Hax" in a loud angry tone,  this is what we have had to discipline the most for this month.  When she doesn't want to share...Hax!  When she wants to have something you have...Hax!  If you take away the cell phone...Hax, Hax, Hax! Hello twos.

Our biggest accomplishment the past month or two has been potty training,  HG is now in underwear all day and still in diapers while sleeping.  She looks for grown up in her big girl underwear, and I am loving life without as many diapers, and her clothing fits much better too :)

Dear Hatley-Grace ,

Everyday you show me that you are soaking up new things all around you.  Yesterday I got a haircut, and it was the first thing you noticed when you woke up from nap time.  You are a social butterfly, and love being at church with your friends.  They have taught you how to give high fives, pound the rock, take selfies and lift your arms up when they shout, "Spring Break".  You are tender hearted, and a little Mama.  You care for your dolls, friends and babies around you.  You got lots of new toys this week for your birthday, and got so excited when presents and cards came in the mail.  You would squeal when the mailman brought a package to the door.  You are cutting molars right now, and before bed will ask for medicine and say "mouth hurts Mama".  

We love you so much baby girl!


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