Sunday, September 13, 2015

Folly Beach

Early September we traveled to Folly Beach, a beach right outside of Charleston, SC.  It was a quaint and quite beach, with a cute main street with shops and restaurants.  Our house was right across the beach, so it was a quick walk to enjoy the sand and ocean!  Hatley-Grace enjoyed playing in the sand, splashing in the waves, collecting shells and flying a kite. 

Monday:We were welcomed in our beach house with a basket of new flip flops for us to enjoy.  HG loved trying on the "too big" flops. 
 There was also a princess game that had lots of jewelry in it.  HG always wore some of the jewelry to the beach. :)
 It was an overcast, rainy morning, yet it didn't keep us from the shore.
 Mimi and Pops exploring the waves.

 Wet sand is the best for making castles.

 Kite flying family fun!
We started our second morning at the beach with a walk to the fishing pier. 
 We checked out the surfers in the waves.
 The sun was out and we were ready to hit the beach!

 When we returned home for lunch, the sprinklers were on.  What a fun way to wash off the sand!

 After lunch and nap, we returned to the beach for a little more evening fun!
 This dolphin was left on the beach, and we enjoyed riding it in the waves.  Marty used it as a boogie board, and HG balanced on it in the surf.
To be continued...

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