Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mary-Margaret is 6 months

We have had our baby girl with us half a year now!  Time goes so much quicker with the second baby, and yet she still seems so small compared to big sister.  

Her daily routine pretty much still follows a 3-3 1/2 hour schedule of nursing, playing, sleeping when we aren't out and about.   She normally sleeps from 8pm-7am with a dream-fed around 10:30.  I have been so much more relaxed about MM's schedule as we can't be home for every nap time, but she is adaptable.

She is 14 lbs. 9oz (16%), 25.5 in long(24%) and head is 43 cm (65%).

She continues to love her sister, and even on the fussiest of days HG will always make her smile!

She discovered her feet and likes to chew on her toes.

She is content in the nursery at church and is happy when we are out and about.

Mary-Margaret joined me on the women's retreat this month because she is not interested in the bottle at all.  She slept a total of 45 min all day, but was happy to let all the women snuggle her and dote on her.

MM can sit supported and roll over.  She is starting to push off her toes and try to reach toys, but not on her knees yet.  

She is a thumb sucker.

She has tried avocado, peas, sweet potato, oatmeal, raw cucumber and carrots.  She is still just learning and tolerating foods this month.  

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