Friday, February 9, 2018

10 months

Mary-Margaret is on the move.  She is a fast crawler, and explores everything.  She pulls up, cruises, climbs over pillows, opens the kitchen drawers and pulls out all the things!

She still loves her big sister, and squeals when she sees her.  With others, she is not easily excited and is not quick to give a smile like HG was at this age (and still is).

She takes a short nap if we are home in the morning, and always a good afternoon nap about 2-3 hours.

She tries most foods, and prefers to feed herself table foods instead of purees.  She doesn't really eat much at breakfast, but loves banana and peanut butter for lunch, and her favorites at dinner include peas, corn, chicken, and pasta.

Mary-Margaret is still not sleeping through the night, and is inconsolable if Marty goes in to check on her.

She cut her first two bottom teeth one day after another.  She has been fussy for about a week since they broke through the gums.

Mary-Margaret is happy when we are out and about even if she's missed a nap or nursing.

She never has a hard time going to bed at night, or going down for her afternoon nap.  She is a thumb sucker, and will cuddle a swaddle blanket and suck her thumb to go to sleep.

She is a Mama's girl still, and is a content observer of the world around her.